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Yes, Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag Are STILL Trying To Make A Hills Reboot Happen Fingers Crossed!

Are you still up at night wishing for a tv reunion of The Hills? So is Spencer Pratt, apparently.

Heidi Montag addressed the rumors that MTV was talking about rebooting the popular reality series following the success of the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

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While Heidi didn’t confirm if the network was seriously considering getting the Hills gang together again, she made it clear Speidi would totally be down for another round — despite Kristin Cavallari claiming earlier this year that they were the very reason a reunion hadn’t happened yet!

The Body Language singer told E! News:

“If that’s something that would happen, we would love to be involved in it, obviously. Spencer’s been trying to get The Hills reboot since it ended.”


Only she’s not exaggerating. In an interview with the Kyle & Jackie O Show weeks ago, Pratt Daddy said he’s been “calling the network every day for eight years” in hopes of getting a reboot going.

Gotta love his persistence!

Aside from trying to claw their way back into MTV’s reality programming, the couple will be celebrating their 10-year wedding anniversary on November 20, and it sounds like quite the ball:

“We are going to renew our vows. We’ll have [our son] Gunner there and it’ll be really fun!”

Spencer added:

“Hopefully we’re going to Cabo and having lots of skinny margaritas.”

But Heidi threw out another option:

“If we do it in Colorado, which we’re thinking about maybe doing, then we do it in September. But if not then, we’ll do it in Cabo.”

Wherever they go, whatever they do, Speidi’s making the best of it.

So give them/us the damn reboot already, MTV!

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