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Why I love Julie Andrews

Her voice is the happiest sound youll ever hear, like the best of summer holidays

Im a screen addict, so a fair chunk of my childhood memories are intimately tied up in film. Around the age of eight, I remember becoming roundly obsessed with The Sound Of Music, watching it every single day for several weeks before my parents seized back control. To this day, hearing the opening chords produces a Pavlovian response of instant joy. Blame Julie Andrews flawless performance.

Andrews, 81, was a child actor, starting on the West End stage, and already a Broadway star by the time she appeared as the singing governess in the Rodgers and Hammerstein movie musical. I was consumed by those eyes, her deeply nuanced performance and that gamine crop. By the time Isaw her playing another iconic singing caregiver, Mary Poppins, my love was cemented.

The best word to describe Andrews voice is clean. It cuts right through your chest, precise and clear, and is perhaps the happiest sound youll ever hear, likethe best of summer holidays. With every new discovery I made over the years Thoroughly Modern Millie, 10, Victor/Victoria Ifound new levels. Andrews played them all: coquettish, sexy, hilarious, and then, in later life, cornered the market in slightly stuffy English matriarchs (I love her in ThePrincess Diaries movies). The breadth of her career is astonishing.

Even more amazing? Shesstill going. Julies Greenroom is her newest show, in which Andrews (plus Muppets) teaches kids about the arts, alongside cameos from the likes of AlecBaldwin and Idina Menzel. Look, I know Im not the target demographic, but I loved her first, OK? Imwatching it.

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