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These Sites are the Best of Brooklyn’s Queer Scene

Brooklyn isnt just Manhattans weird sister. This glitter-doting, button-pushing gender fluid group of artsy hustlers is even more vibrant when you take a look at the queer community. From historic landmarks and high-brow salons, to Brooklyns own Pride Parade to drag like youve never seen it before, you dont want to miss out on what the locals are up to here. Weve curated this list of queer to-dos in the neighborhood so you can experience the best of your Pride season.


Hotel Indigo Brooklyn

229 Duffield Street | Brooklyn, NY | 11201

(718) 254-7800

Tucked in the heart of central bohemia in Downtown Brooklyn, Hotel Indigos central area leaves you a stones throw from a whole hub of local queer hotspots and art scenes about town, plus its an easy train from NYC Pride in Manhattan or anywhere else in Brooklyn you might want to go. Enjoy interiors that mix baroque with modern, and easy access to the arts scene just a short walk away from their plushy bedding.


MeMe's Diner

657 Washington Ave | Brooklyn, NY | 11238

(718) 636-2900

The newest kid on the block near Grand Army Plaza, this nearby diner is a queer-owned heaven that indulges your most adult culinary sensibility, as well as your childhood cravings. Instagram-worthy cocktails are preceded by a bowl of cheese puffs and brunch is preceded by bowls of your favorite sugary cereal. Not to mention, the homey interiors pair well with the delectable meatloaf.


Residence of Truman Capote

70 Willow Street | Brooklyn, NY | 11201

Take a walk through historic Brooklyn Heights and a peek at Truman Capotes Basement apartment. There, the legendary gay author finished Breakfast at Tiffanys, and In Cold Blood. Capote himself said, "I live in Brooklyn. By choice," as the borough was an immense inspiration to his iconic body of work.


Queer Film Theory 101 at Alamo Drafthouse

445 Albee Square W #4 | Brooklyn, NY | 11201

(718) 513-2547

Each month, this fantastic theater chain (featuring an eclectic range of comfort food and the coziest cinema seating ever) hosts a salon featuring local queer artists and thought leaders to talk on the topic of film. Find the months listing to hear about Why Moonstruck is the Gayest Movie Ever or dispatches on the ridiculousness of House of Wax.


Switch n' Play at Branded Saloon

603 Vanderbilt Ave. | Brooklyn, NY | 11238

(718) 484-8704

You think youve seen drag? Guess again. Brooklyns own collective Switch n Play is a group of fun, edgy, gender-nonconforming artists and burlesque performers that are pushing the envelope in defining drag as we know it. For Pride, theyre hosting a special performance at a nearby Brooklyn favorite, Branded Saloon, so you can enjoy a burger while watching the most innovative drag youve ever seen.

The businesses listed are independent of Hotel Indigo and no endorsement or affiliation is intended or implied.

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