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Kim Kardashian Has A $5,000-Plus Side Of Fries On The Red Carpet

Kim Kardashian brought fast food onto the red carpet Tuesday in the form of a $5,000-plus purse shaped to look like an order of french fries.

The 37-year-old reality star strutted her pomme-frites-accessorized self at Christie’s What Goes Around Comes Around 25th Anniversary Auction Preview in Beverly Hills. 

Michael Tran via Getty Images
Fast food fun was Kim Kardashian’s bag in Beverly Hills on Tuesdays.

But these spuds will set you back more than your average lunch. The sparkly Judith Leiber Couture French Fries Rainbow Clutch Bag is beaded with Austrian crystals and retails for $5,495 on the designer’s site. 

Jean Baptiste Lacroix via Getty Images

You definitely don’t want to douse it with ketchup.

But she could definitely pair it with her Judith Leiber hamburger clutch.

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