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Keith Ellison Fights Back Tears During Interview About Abuse Allegations

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) got emotional this week during an interview with local television discussing an abuse allegation leveled against him by his ex-girlfriend.

In the chat with WCCO-TV, Ellison, who won a primary on Tuesday night in the Minnesota attorney general race, once again denied Karen Monahans claim that he physically abused her during their relationship, which ended in 2016.

I know I cant just run past this controversy and not address it, which is why Im here with you today, he said, emphasizing his declared desire to try and clear the air.

Asked directly if he ever abused Monahan in any way, Ellison flatly said: No.

Neither physically nor emotionally? Ellison, again, said: No.

He was also asked about the most egregious accusation, which first surfaced in a Facebook post by Monahans son: That a video exists of the congressman dragging Monahan off a bed by her feet.

There couldnt be. There couldnt be such a thing as that, Ellison said when asked if such a video exists.

Monahan has said that she will not release the alleged video as its both humiliating and traumatizing. She also told CNN that she put the video on a flash drive and couldn't find it because it was in storage.

Ellison maintains that they still have a good relationship and that he even recently brought gas to her when she was stranded on the highway.

The congressman became visibly emotional during the interview, seemingly fighting back tears as he described what he would say to Monahan now: Id say, Look, we loved each other, we dont have to destroy each other.

Asked if he thought Monahan was, indeed, trying to destroy him, the attorney general candidate said: I dont know. I mean, I dont want to speculate on motive, I dont know. Ive asked myself many times, why? But Im not going to try to speculate on motive.

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